What is microfiber?

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microfiber is a textile material.

1. Microfibers, due to their extremely fine size, greatly reduce the stiffness of silk and make the woven fabric feel extremely soft. Microfibers can also increase the layered structure of silk, increase the specific surface area and capillary effect, so that the reflected light inside the fiber is more delicate on the surface distribution, so that it has the elegant luster like real silk.

2. Microfibers have only one-twentieth the diameter of silk. Good wiping effect, no hair, no ball, no damage to clean the surface. High quality. Imported 100% microfiber woven, antibacterial fabric (over 90% super antibacterial rate), does not contain any chemical substances, fine workmanship, warp knitting structure, soft and delicate fluff, feel very good, no thread, no ring, no cilia. And has high efficiency water absorption and sweat absorption.

3. The production process of microfiber is complex, so the cost is high. Under normal circumstances, the cost of microfiber is several times that of pure cotton. Microfiber can not be sterilized at high temperature, the temperature can not exceed 65 degrees, of course, do not use an iron microfiber; Because of strong adsorption, it can not be mixed with other items, otherwise it will be stained with a lot of hair and dirty things.