Lingerie: What do you know about underwear?

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Does the texture matter? The fundamental problem with underwear is that it should be inclusive, so that it can effectively support the breasts and buttocks. Underwear has this characteristic or not, will involve the composition of underwear material and material structure. We can see that about 80% of the underwear sold in the underwear counter uses knitted fabrics, the other is lace, mesh and other organizational structure.

Knitted underwear whether silk, cotton, chemical fiber, blended, have a strong telescopic force. Of these fabrics, knitted cotton fabrics are the most elastic and durable. How to wear new underwear It is not healthy to wear new underwear without washing. This is because a variety of chemical additives are often used in the making of garments to make them look good.

Such as shrinkage, formaldehyde tree ester treatment; Brightening, mostly using fluorescent brightening agent treatment; Crisp, general sizing treatment. To ensure your health, you should wash your newly purchased underwear with clean water before wearing it.

When you work, you need to move around a lot, so choose a comfortable, soft, standard bra. This upward-covering, underwired bra can be used for any type of bust. The life of the bra is the edge below the cup. If this edge is loose, it will destroy the curve of the chest. We should pay more attention to it.

The same goes for underpants, which should be wrapped neatly from the waist to the end of the hips, so be sure to choose underwear with good flexibility. Some underwear will be embedded in the hips as soon as it is moved, which will break the curve of the hips. So the best choice of underwear is two strands of cotton and elastic knitted underwear.